About Amanda


I'm a mid-forties gal in search of meaning and contentment in life. My philosophy has evolved over the years (some of which you may see in the archives of this blog). Lately, I've taken up the mantra "Will nothing and love what comes along." This may not seem very ambitious but I assure you it is the greatest challenge I have met for it involves releasing the expectations of youth in order to come to terms with the "new normal" we find ourselves living in the 21st century. I am eager to share my renewed interest in life without tortured judgments of myself and others.


A few decades ago I latched onto the concept of the Kosmic Egg. The Greeks believed it was the alphabet, based on the idea that everything could be contained within language. Of course, new physics could say it is the Quantum Theory. Biologists might suggest it is DNA. For me it is often a set of symbolic cards called Tarot that represents the Kosmic Egg. The concept behind each of these is that there are building blocks, ever smaller pieces that make the greater universe. How these "blocks" combine sets patterns by which we live at sub-microscopic levels. Whether it is Dark Material, or Light and Sound, our Kosmic Egg on planet earth is ruled by our perception of time and space. Setting aside our decisions about what needs to happen in that time and space and about what makes it work and instead taking pleasure and learning from the experience of ever new combinations in the Kosmic Egg is what I'm about.

Writing professionally since 1990, my experience has included everything from movie scripts to weekly email communications, from web content to snail mail, and from poetry to RFPs.

I am writing and teaching full-time. Developing and composing a novel is my primary goal, and keeping up with weekly blogs is my secondary goal. I take students who come to me for advice and coaching in script development. I also "cover" scripts for a set fee.

Colorado Free University/Boulder Digital Arts/Independent - September 2004 – June 2010
Instructor & Coach for Screenwriting
For several years now, I have been instructing eager students in the craft of screenwriting. I teach both short form and long form story structure and character development from introductory to intensive private coaching. I am writing a workbook for beginners.

Boulder JCC – August 2008 – April 2009
Marketing & Communications Director
With now the assistance of a Graphic Designer, and a Web Content Coordinator, I focused on the overall development of the Boulder JCC brand through web, on-line communications (including e-marketing, and website redevelopment), social networking, and regular collateral materials.

Boulder JCC – August 2007 – September 2008
Communications Manager
As the person in charge of communications and brand messaging for the Boulder JCC, I Worked with the directors to bring all the communications streams into alignment with the mission statement and JCCA guidelines, including publications, web content, news, internal and external communications.

Eiger-Spider Productions – September 2005 – February 2006
As a writer-for-hire on a screenplay for this production company, I provided both a full treatment and first draft screenplay, as well as complete re-write notes.

The Shoot Out Boulder – July 2003 – April 2006
As the co-founder of this unique filmmaking festival, I learned how to coordinate the process of judging the films submitted at the end of 24 hours. In addition, I worked with industry professionals to judge the top ten on the night of the screening. I also wrote and
succeeded in receiving multiple arts funding grants for the festival, and served on the Board of Directors.

Cosmic Egg Editorial Services/Amanda Morris Conti – 1999 – 2007
As the sole proprietor of this editorial service company, I have had the good fortune of writing direct marketing brochures, catalog copy, web content, B2B videos and more. My primary focus has been learning the trade of marketing copy. My clients have included:
• E-Toys/Sears/K-Mart
• The Communiqué Group
• ITF Advisors

Amanda Morris Conti – 1993 – 1999
Publishing Consultant and Writer
As the sole proprietor of this earlier version of editorial services, both writing and editing, I had the great pleasure of working with Fortune 500 Media Companies and International Publishers as a writer and editor. My primary focus during these years was STAR TREK publishing and brand management. My clients included:
• Viacom Consumer Products
• Paramount Pictures
• Fabbri Publishing, Ltd.

Amanda Conti - 1990 – 1996
Freelance Writer
As a freelance writer in Los Angeles, I worked on many interesting projects in the multimedia industry. My focus during these years was interactive entertainment writing. My projects included:
• Sim-Ant (Animated Version), Interplay Productions
• Gale Research Poetry CD-Rom Series
• “The House That Crack Built” – a proposal for a PBS Children’s Special

Various Entertainment Companies, Including Literary Agents, Independent Production Companies & Studios
April 1989 – 1993
There is no other way to learn the ropes of the entertainment industry than to work in it. I was a literary agent’s assistant, a producer’s assistant, studio corporate VP’s assistants, until finally I felt I knew enough to break into working for myself. My companies included:
• Elliot Wax & Associates (a literary agency)
• Gordy-de Passe Productions
• Paramount Pictures