Tuesday, September 16, 2008

is the only way to win becoming negative?

Honestly. Barrack! What happened to "Yes we can!"?

Why is he letting the Democratic leadership tell him what to say? Someone set this man free! Don't let the great orator become canned.

Where's your sense of humor, Barrack? Hire some joke writers.

See, I think this is why Clinton, Bill, broke through the Republican, "We're okay, folks."

Yes, it wouldn't hurt you to say, "It's the economy, stupid." Because, it is.

It wouldn't hurt you to point out that while Sen. McCain is getting his melanomas frozen off, Palin is going to be the one prancing around the White House saying stupid things like "We like to win." Can you imagine she said this on the day Lehman Brothers failed, and half of Texas is under five feet of water?

It wouldn't hurt you to laugh and cry for this country. It wouldn't hurt for you to stop talking for an hour and just work with people digging out their livestock from the mud.

Don't let the powers that be lead you aground. Paddle hard back out to the sea of viability. Just keep saying, "Yes we can!" (I'll probably sing, "Bob the Builder...") afterward but I don't mind.

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