Friday, July 29, 2011

Ah, the Possiblissities™!

It's my perfect word of the moment: possiblissity, and it conjugates, too, possiblissible, possibliss. It's possibliss. You may not have known this about me. I like words. I like to play with them. I like to tell stories with them. Grin.

What is possibliss?  It takes possible to the next level of experience. I believe that if each of us is willing to let ground be fallow when it needs to be fallow and dream a while, then possiblissities come out of seemingly no where. That fallowness that I sat around in for so long last spring didn't produce as much right away as I had secretly hoped. It felt like nothing and I thought maybe I was cracked. The "rye grass" crop was sort of interesting but it wasn't something I could really depend on. Then I started thinking about the orchard, and even then...I was just thinking about possibilities and not one of them seemed like it was going to be a tree that produced heirloom peaches. I couldn't even talk myself into digging holes or planting saplings for the longest time.

I did not yet know that I had to go from possibility to possiblissity. I was still rehashing old dreams and clearing the field of stones and weeds right up until I started looking for ... bliss. Even after so long without productive results, there was this unrealized thought: If I am going to be happy then I have to do what makes me happy.

That may seem obvious to people who somehow just know this. I can even say I've read the books - Follow Your Bliss...blah, blah, blah. The problem is that I kept trying things that made me sad, and I didn't even know it. I thought that they weren't succeeding and that was making me sad. In fact, I discovered by hitting my head against that wall, that the act of doing something because I was under the impression that it should make me happy, did not actually mean that it would make me happy. In fact, a perfect recipe for misery.

I had to have a little rebellion...against my own good intentions. Screw that idea, I had to say to myself. It's not fun, and I need to have some fun. Possibliss. Whatever it might be for you -- do it! Be naughty. There's a reason for The Lover's card in Tarot. Possibliss. It is when your soul has had enough of the ideas you picked up along the way that sounded good but turned out to be bad, and you find yourself looking at just what you thought was wrong and can't help but try it. Try it. Possibliss.

Possibliss leads to destinations you never imagined when you were being good and reasonable. Possibliss is a multi-petaled lotus blossom in your heart that says in the sexiest possible voice...go for it.

Ah, the possiblissities! (Yes, I'm trademarking the word! Grin.)

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