Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Human Light

Yesterday was "Human Light Day," the agnostic answer to the crazed holiday season. It seems kind of silly to me. I mean isn't the point of being agnostic or atheistic to get out of crazy holiday seasons? What I like about "Human Light Day" is that their carole is "Imagine" by John Lennon. That is appealing to me.

Also, the fact is that I'm in this crazy attempt to acknowledge all of the holidays that have gathered around the Winter Solstice. I work for a Jewish organization, and so now I know more about Hanukkah (including the many spelling choices) than I ever learned from my Jewish grandparents. There's the Christmas hooplah that I grew up with and perpetrated on my children. The most meaningful celebration for me is the Winter Solstice celebration at my Co-Masonic Lodge, and this year our leader opened the Lodge for the children to experience the ritual, and it was just exactly what we all needed. There were many little giggles, big beaming smiles, and wide eyes to what was coming next.

Nevertheless, I do think, that imagining the world at peace, with no religious walls, and a celebration of our humanity is in order. Many happy wishes for a better new year!

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