Friday, July 24, 2009

Racism, Sexism & Leadership

I cannot fathom why President Obama should not have commented on the atrocious behavior of the Cambridge police officer in the racial profiling of a black man. Racial profiling is a backwards perception of the world that needs to be eliminated from law enforcement across the country. At its root are racial assumptions that are heinous and ignorant. As a policy it is simply a mistake. Period.

I also cannot fathom why, in a free society, we allow the imposition of sexism upon our sisters. Women should be allowed to choose their own clothing. Their clothing choices cannot be blamed for the failure of men to grow up and control themselves. I don't care how low-cut, or short a form of dress is. The invitation for engagement is mutual consent made verbally.

I also cannot fathom how a child's family can blame her for her own rape. Claiming it is an embarrassment to their pride for their child to have been a victim of a terrible, traumatic experience. Boy! That is really unfathomable. In America children should be able to expect support, compassion and love from community and family alike.

What is going on? Are we entering the dark ages again?

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