Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Episode Two

I am honest, honorable and act with integrity. This seems a simple goal, and yet it requires such vigilance! Slippage is easy with honesty, honor and integrity on the line. It can happen before you know it -- the little white lie, the simper, the whimper, the back-up. To stay steady requires a trust in the universe that is impeccable.

To believe that LIFE LOVES ME is the only way that one can be honest at all times because it is a belief that people, opportunities or comfort will slip away if one tells the truth that prevents honesty. Fear of any number of things undoes the effort in a heartbeat. Believing that life loves me is the only belief that will allow me to act on the principles I find honorable. If life loves me then my integrity is never at risk because I understand that I am held tenderly and that whatever consequences come to bear will support my life.


mcjohnson777 said...

How do you reconcile the principles of honesty, honor and integrity without crossing others and possibly creating enemies?
Also, what is life to begin why, namely what is this entity that loves?

Amanda Morris Johnson (aka Amanda Morris Conti) said...

I don't suppose I can ever keep from crossing others, or creating enemies, if I am honest. However, living honestly, with honor and integrity is more important than always being a doormat, agreeable and amenable to any one else's expectations. People pleasing hasn't served me well in the past. Though that said, I'm not out to find people to disagree with, to create enemies on purpose. That's as much a waste of my limited time on earth, as pleasing everyone I come across. It is possible to be honest, have honor and integrity without banging people over the head with my opinion. Sometimes it means that I remain silent and uncommitted until there is no other choice.

As to the life that loves me. It is the breath that breathes, the heart the beats, the senses that sense without my input. Appreciating that continuum is like a paid lease, and I've been given permission by that paid lease to live and to be me. Until life stops, I have to assume I've got the go ahead.