Thursday, April 1, 2010

Episode Three

I bless the gift of disappointment. Let’s not confuse love with getting everything we desire. That would lead us to believe that there are people who are more favored by the Universe, and cause us to wonder why we suffer failures so often. What if we just could stop wondering why things happened the way that they do, and instead focus on this moment, and this one, and this one? Even the moment of disappointment becomes acute, powerful and incredible with that kind of focus, and, more interestingly, easy to let go of finally.

I discussed this topic with a friend who has surely experienced many disappointments in his short, so-far life. Still he remains motivated and went so far as to say that disappointment was the most necessary ingredient of success. For me disappointment may be the training ground for determination. Disappointing circumstances spur me to understand more than I understood before and the gift of having that understanding is what I need to change my own paradigm. Disappointment may loosen my grip on habits that don’t work, and led me the wrong way.

Disappointment is always cause for self-reflection and a reason to practice self-forgiveness. While it is uncomfortable, disquieting and even painful, disappointment always leads to a better pathway to triumph. Disappointment can become the rungs of the ladder we climb to the stars.

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