Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Episode Fifteen

It is easy for me to walk through new doors and I am always welcome. This is such a dense statement. Ease, new doors, and feeling welcome. It used to be that I worked with the idea of "effortlessness" as a concept that I wanted to use as the driver. If it was easy then it was good. It did work for me to a certain extent, allowing me to focus on abundance and gratitude and all those things that the New Age tells us are important. I was always looking for the path of least resistance.

So, this is what I learned are the drawbacks of such a philosophy: 1.) Just because it is effortless doesn't mean that it is something I want to do actually. 2.) Not making an effort and yet experiencing success led me to feel worthless. 3.) Effortless is boring monotony.

"Easy for me" can be seen more specifically if we emphasize "for me" rather than "easy". What is easy for me is to take risks for what I want in life. It doesn't mean that the work of that risk is easy. These new doors lead to lives I never imagined in my wildest dreams, and even when I feel afraid, it is easy for me to put my hand on the knob and open the door and walk through because I know at the very least, it won't be boring. Remembering that LIFE LOVES ME, I know that whatever is on the other side of the door will fully embrace my entry and that I am welcome right away, and if I do the work then I will belong.

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