Saturday, April 10, 2010

Episode Twelve

I am becoming an expert in my field. What is my field? My field seems as if it is screenwriting. I've been after that for a long, long time. I even have the nerve to teach it, and I am nearly certain I've helped many people understand the craft of screenwriting better than they would have otherwise. So, if this is my field, then I really know that the litmus test for expert screenwriting is the production of the screenplay. It isn't even getting paid. I've been paid lots, but the illusive production credit, the credentials that one needs to be able to claim finally have been limited to what I can only call "home videos". So this declaration is a challenge for me and yet I'm going to say it, "I am becoming an expert in my field," and find a way to understand the truth of it.

My thought is to not focus on "field" or "expert" and instead focus on "becoming". This is the gentle word and the task of work in this statement. Becoming suggests at the evolution of expertise and fields. This accepts that there is always more to learn. There is always a challenge ahead. There are always stepping stones, or mistakes to discern. I can attest that I am adding more and more information to my understanding of my field.

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