Monday, April 12, 2010

Episode Fourteen

Today I create a new life, with new rules that totally support me. Since this is the new phase of my life, I am creating it. I'm no longer simply accepting the haphazard lot I ended up with and grinding on with the rules I was handed. What I found out was that that haphazard lot, was a HAZARD, and the rules were not about me at all. The new life is likely to be odd at first because I'm so used to living through a rear-view mirror. Always looking backwards has led to a lot of crashes, you know? The rules were a strange combination of cultural taboos, superstition, magical thinking and propaganda. At least let me establish that at the moment I feel like I'm looking in the right direction, and have simplified enough to be able to sort through a few rules that I actually value.

I've been listing many of those rules in this series. What I can add is that the rule that is most important to me is knowing that LIFE LOVES ME. With this simple rule, I can walk the talk believing that it is worthwhile to life itself if not to anyone in particular. There is no need to seek approval because I am already approved of just by the fact that I am still alive. Though I may make daily, moment-to-moment mistakes, I know that life's love of me means that I cannot err on the golden pathway.


tilly said...

Amanda- I just stumbled here and am so very glad I did. You are write, right, awesome!- tilly

Amanda Morris Johnson (aka Amanda Morris Conti) said...

Hugs and kisses, Tilly! I hope that you're doing well these days...and painting a lot...what's your blog address again???