Monday, September 17, 2007


I just had to add something to my thoughts of last night -- the idea that dreams must have some resonance with the realities of today or they will not happen. We must accept our reality as it is in order that we can bring about a resonant dream for tomorrow.

I opened the book "The Hidden Messages in Water" by Masuru Emoto just ten minutes ago, and this is what I read:

"The greatest secret of Japanese martial arts is referred to as 'winning without fighting.' This essentially means avoiding resonating with the enemy. To fight and win results in resonance with the enemy, and so the level of the relationship is very low.

When frequencies are fundamentally incompatible, they cannot resonate. We cannot accept what is fundamentally different from us.

However, an interesting fact is that resonance can result even when frequencies are not identical. This happens, for instance, when the frequency is doubled. Playing the la key on the piano at 440 Hz and the la key an octave lower at 220 Hz creates quite a pleasant resonating sound, and responding to a tuning fork with a sound one octave lower also creates a nice resonance.

When the frequency difference is twofold, four-fold, eightfold, and so on -- or one-half, one-quarter, and so on -- the result is resonance. The principle of this relationship extends to infinity. No matter how distant the frequencies, resonance will result if one of the two numbers is a multiple of the other. We can also say that for every sound on each level there is a rosonating sound on every other level."

I believe this is precisely why when we make our lives what we can in this moment, clean up our act so to speak, that we can begin to resonate with our dreams for a better tomorrow.

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